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YO! Long time no update!

... Basically, making a new journal. This one is too much of a mess for me to bother cleaning up so I just decided to make a new one.

Anyone who gives a crap can find me here:

akihitokage akihitokage akihitokage akihitokage akihitokage akihitokage akihitokage akihitokage

In other news, I got into university! I start classes September 20. Which gives me roughly a month of freedom left. Bugger. Oh well. Fun times ahead! (hopefully)
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-happy squee-

Hm... y'know how you'll make a promise to yourself and you find that you can go back on it pretty easily?

Ages ago I said I'd never have another internet relationship outside of the UK...

... and now I'm in a relationship with someone from America ^///^

But FUCK, I'm happy. Alex makes me feel all... squiggly inside. Like happy and giddy and all those things you get when you're really crushing on someone. Alex is cute and sweet and adorkable with a side order of geekery.

Family-peoples, you may cross-examine the new partner to make sure they're up to your expectations X3

You may also notice I'm not using gender pronouns, 'cause Alex is androgynous. 'She' is the default, but I avoid them when I can :3

... I need to find out something to call Alex. I already hate saying boy/girlfriend anyways... partner doesn't sound right... I'll think of something! ¬_¬ Alex is Alex, why can't it just be that?
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S is for Sex

Bored. I was given S by lightrobber

Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

1:: Sex - What? Just because I'm a virgin doesn't mean I can't love it. Porn baby!
2:: Sickleshipping - Marik/Akefia (Touzokuou) is one of my favourite shippings thanks to my friend Kitty
3:: Scars - Song by Papa Roach. I love their music in general really. My favourite song is ...To Be Loved though, and Hollywood Whore
4:: Saiyuki - A trigger happy priest travelling around with three demons killing other demons? XD Fucking awesome
5:: Seto Kaiba - I hated this guy at first, but he grew on me when I started liking Seto/Bakura. Plus anyone who hates Yami is cool in my book.
6:: Sin Eaters - Torchwood audiobook read by Gareth David-Lloyd. Once you actually listen to what he's saying instead of just melting at the sound of his voice it's a damn awesome and adorable story XD
7:: Something Borrowed - Torchwood episode 9 season 2. Not my favourite episode but it does have the adorable Janto dance at the end which makes fangirls and fanboys alike just stop and go 'awwwww!'... unless you're a Gwack fan, in which case fuck off.
8:: Stars - More specifically, paper stars. I love making the little things, although I got really annoyed with them when I made over 600 for my art project.
9:: Slippers - I don't care how girly my black kitty slippers are, they're warm and cosy. They're manly slippers really.
10:: Screw the rules, I have money! - ...Did you really expect me not to do this and not throw in a YGO:Abridged quote? If you didn't you don't know me at all!
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Manga Sale

Thinking of selling some of my manga that I don't read or want anymore, would anyone be interested? Kinda need the money.

Legal Drug vols 1 + 2
Getbackers vols 1 + 2 + 3
Cowboy Bebop vol 1
Gravitation vols 1 + 2

Might be willing to part with Hands Off! vols 1-5, but for the whole set it would cost a lot to send XP

And some yaoi manga:

Only the Ring Finger Knows
Passion vols 1 + 2
Yellow vol 1

All are in near-new condition. Probably slightly worn at the edges and on the spines but otherwise good condition.

I would stick them on eBay but I don't like the site, plus it'd be cheaper just doing it through here since they yank money off you.

Uh... maybe £5/$7 for each volume? £4/$5 if you get two or more. And £1/$2 shipping, maybe a bit more sending over to America (seriously, mail prices suck XP Costs more the send than to buy the damn thing you're sending)

... Interested? I has PayPal.
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Days Again

It's after midnight and I'm bored

Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Ghost of You - My Chemical Romance
I don't care if you think they're emo or shit or whatever, these guys were my angsty high school soundtrack and Ghost of You broke my heart everytime I watched the music video. The only time it brings me to tears now though is if I sing it out loud which I haven't done in a while.

Heaven - John Barrowman
I think most of the sweet soft lovesongs he sings make me all mushy and gooey. This one especially ever since I read that he picks songs on his CDs for his family, and this one was for Scott <3 Whenever I get my own partner I want to sing this to them.

Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park
I never really liked their new stuff until I heard this song, especially the line 'I've never been perfect, but niether have you'. It's just a very emotion-filled song to me, wanting to be remembered for something worthwhile instead of the mistakes you've made.

Day 17 → An art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.)

Because I love us so much, I'm gonna show you three pictures, one by me and two by my partners in crime. All three are pictures we've drawn of all of us together XD

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Art Thieves, Rawr

College was cancelled today. Nice that I found that out after I'd come in XP Oh well, at least I'm warm at home now and don't have to do any work.

Remember the art thief I briefly mentioned yesterday? Who'd coloured my picture of the Cheshire Cat? I reported her, as did my friend, and her work was taken down.

Now she's come back at me saying the following:

First off i made this from the black and white line art you had made i did not say i made it i just filled it in and i dont care if you dont like it i worked very very hard on it and my mother even seen me make it and for you to say im stealing it is very childish im sorry if i made you mad somehow i seen you filled one in and mine was a darker purple and mine had strips on his ears i can see how you can make that mistake.

My first reaction to this was '...Has she heard of punction?'. Seriously, I can barely understand this thing! Second was 'Never bring your mother into an arguement'. Just makes her seem even more childish than she claims I am.

Ok, childish? What makes me childish about not wanting people to use my work without permission? If she'd asked me if she could colour it, or even given me credit, I would've been nicer. Because people have coloured my lineart in the past and I've been ok with it.

Next point, doesn't matter how hard you worked on it, or if you traced it or whatever, it's still my work you've used, and it's obviously my work. At the same time it also doesn't matter if you used different colours to what I eventually used, you still used my lineart.

This girl isn't one of my regular watchers on deviantART, so I don't know her that well. If I did, I've be a little more lenient to her, but she's just come out of the blue and used my work. Plus I think my usual 'fans' would be more considerate than her.

Bah, she says in her journal that she's gonna put it up again, along with the March Hare she's working on. Sounds very much like this lineart I posted, so I'm keeping an eye on her and reporting her if she uses it again, credit or not.
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Now, Here's a Bitch

Veeeeeery few things in life get me really well and truly pissed off (the Westboro Baptist Church is one, but this ain't about that).

There's this girl, over on deviantART, and apparently y!Gallery too, who goes around giving what she thinks is 'constructive criticism' to people.

Pretty much everyone she does it too is pissed off with what she says. She made my friend Terra cry because it was a huge blow to her ego that she really didn't need.

Over on y!Gallery she also commented on my artwork in a similar fashion.

Today she commented on Kitty's art, also in a similar fashion.

I shall show you what she said.

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Someone tell me I'm not over-reacting? I probably am but she's done this to so many people and all of them, if not than definitely the majority, don't appreciate it and hate her for it.

She said on her deviantART page that she's like Simon Cowell. What? Even the douche has the decency to give a good comment about something. All of what she says is negative and near downright bashing.

And the thing is she KNOWS people get angry at her for it! Ok, then why don't you stop darlin'? Cleary she wants attention because she didn't even change her username or her icon on y!Gallery.

Now, some of what she says can be honestly taken as good advice, but to me this seems like a 'not what she said but how she said it' situation.

I'm gonna be truthful too and say most of my anger comes from the fact she made Terra cry and accused her girlfriend of white-knighting when she stood in to defend her.

She keeps repeating the same things about anatomy and shading and yet doesn't give any helpful advice of how to make it look better! She gives all these negative comments without a single good point. If she at least said something nice then it would be an attempt at constructive criticism but noooooo, its all 'this is wrong' and 'that is wrong' and 'oh god what were you thinking?'.

More often than not an artist knows when they've fucked up in a drawing or piece of art, you don't need to have someone like her rubbing it in your face and making you feel even worse about it. You can just move on from your mistakes and learn from them. You don't need 'critics' like her coming in and pointing out what you more than likely already know.
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